Witless Minions (chapter)
Volume 1 Story 25
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This page is about the story. For the organization, see Witless Minions.


Empowered and Ninjette are helping Thugboy pick up items from storage to sell on E-Bay. He reveals that it's all stuff he stole from supervillains while working in a gang called the Witless Minions. The Witless Minions would work for supervillains, pretending to be loyal but dimwitted lackeys, while actually stealing things from them. When the villains noticed stuff was going missing, the Witless Minions would blame it on superheroes. When Ninjette asks why he stopped such a sweet scam, Thugboy clams up, saying that they ripped off the wrong supervillain and that was the end for them. Now he's selling off all the stuff he collected over the years for money. Looking through the boxes, Ninjette notices that he has a Spartan 3000 lackey costume. Empowered gets Thugboy to put it on and finds it very arousing; she orders him not to E-Bay it.

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  • The Witless Minions convinced one supervillain that his things were being stolen by a fictional superhero named "Captain Kinkajou". A kinkajou is a small mammal that lives in the rainforest.
  • The Caged Demonwolf's line about gladiators is a quote from the movie Airplane!.
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