Wet Blanket


Alias Wet Blanket
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation Felonifive
First Appearance Of Maids and Wet Blankets

Wet Blanket is a supervillain and member of the Felonifive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Every cell in Wet Blanket's body emits a null-field that cancels out superpowers.


In Of Maids and Wet Blankets, the Felonifive are planning to rob the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital's pharmacy. However, the group has been infiltrated by Maidman, and he and Empowered defeat the villains.

In Because This Is What I Am, dWARf! kills Wet Blanket and uses his minced flesh to spike the appetizers at the Capeys, causing the attending superheroes to temporarily lose their powers as part of his revenge plan.

In Ten Questions for the Maidman, Maidman uses one of the preserved appetizers containing Wet Blanket's flesh to defeat Blitzcraig.

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