Were-Giraffe By Night


Alias Were-Giraffe By Night
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance Because This Is What I Am

Were-Giraffe By Night is a superhero.


Were-Giraffe By Night is first mentioned in the meta pages at the back of Volume 2, when Empowered promises that he will appear in Volume 3. The meta pages at the end of Volume 3 then include Thugboy complaining that Were-Giraffe By Night never appeared.

His first actual appearance is in Because This Is What I Am as a background character in the crowd of heroes attending the Capeys.

In Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness, he can be seen among the characters attending the funeral in Suprahuman Mausoleum #2.


  • Were-Giraffe By Night's name is a reference to the Marvel character Werewolf By Night (Jacob Russoff).
  • The fake cover depicting him menacing Empowered is a reference to the cover of Spider-Woman #6, which depicted Spider-Woman tied up and proclaimed her "helpless before the mindless rampage of Werewolf By Night". This never actually occurred in the comic; Werewolf By Night is in fact a hero, and he was the one in restraints when Spider-Woman encountered him.
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