Valkyrie Eleison
Alias Valkyrie Eleison
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation HeroNET
First Appearance Orbiting Spookums

Valkyrie Eleison is an anchor on HeroNET's news program.


Valkyrie Eleison first appears in Orbiting Spookums, reporting on a Gigantoform Nautiloid sighting.

In Proud and Delighted, Valkyrie Eleison hosts a program asking whether Empowered's Capey nomination is legitimate or a cruel practical joke.

In Denial at Flood Stage, Valkyrie Eleison reports that Emp is a person of interest in the ongoing investigation into the events at the Capeys.

In Upon My Back, the Monkey of Worry, Valkyrie Eleison reports that the Superhomeys are preparing to use a "flood the zone" mass assault on Willy Pete.

In The What-the-Fuckiest Five Minutes of My Career So Far, Valkyrie Eleison reports on the death of the superheroes who assaulted Willy Pete and the destruction of Joint Superteam Space Station 3.

In Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness, Valkyrie Eleison gives a report on Willy Pete's sudden rise to prominence. She also reports on the funeral in Suprahuman Mausoleum #2.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Valkyrie Eleison reports that Turbobrain remains in critical condition at the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital.

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