Urushihara Rokuro


Name Urushihara Rokuro
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation Urushihara Clan
First Appearance Deflowered and Dispassionate

Urushihara Rokuro was a lesser prince of the Urushihara Clan of ninja.


Rokuro appears in Ninjette's flashback in Deflowered and Dispassionate. Ninjette lost her virginity to Rokuro in order to spite her father, who planned to marry her off to another clan as a virgin bride. She believed that her father would be unable to make any reprisals since the Urushihara Clan were the Kaburagi Clan's closest allies. Ninjette's father massacred the entire Urushihara clan, castrated Rokuro, decapitated him, and presented Ninjette with his severed head.

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