Affiliation Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital
First Appearance General Hospitality

Ubernurses make up the staff at the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ubernurses are all extremely fit and attractive. This appears to be a supernatural effect, as the Ubernurse at the Capeys is affected by Wet Blanket's superpower-nullifying field.

Known MembersEdit


Ubernurses first appear in General Hospitality, where a pair named Foxtrot and Whiskey serve as assistants to Dr. Big McLarge Huge.

In Because This Is What I Am, a female Ubernurse is among the attendees at the Capeys. After being affected by Wet Blanket's null field, she becomes fat and hairy and possibly male.


  • The Ubernurses' names appear to code words from the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.
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