The Powaaah of the Duct Side
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Outrageouslah Erroneous
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Problems with the Equipment


Emp gets invited to Ocelotina's webcast for an interview and, when asked about the events of Because This Is What I Am, explains that a gag order prevents her from speaking on the topic. Ocelotina then gags her with duct tape and ties her up in front of the camera, simultaneously explaining the perks of using tape for restraining superheroines and telling the viewers about Emp's heroic actions in saving the Superhomeys and her victory over dWARf!, while Emp is incapable of speaking and therefore not violating the gag order by action or inaction. She then reveals that the whole webcast was in fact a pay-per-view bondage video rather than an interview all along and offers her a share of the profits, which, while an undisclosed sum, pays significantly higher than Emp's day job. Emp agrees, assuming it a win/win, but Ocelotina, deciding it will net at least 500 more viewers, announces that Emp hasn't yet learned not to disrespect duct tape, gives her a hard spanking on camera.

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