The Aryan Ideal of Shoulder Candy
Volume 2 Story 5
Preceded by
Schrodinger's Catgirl
Followed by
Wahh, Wahh, Wahh


Trying to save a hostage from a knife-wielding thug, Empowered is forced to shred her hypermembrane and get tied up. The hostage and thug, actually Ocelotina and her brother, reveal that it was an act. Ocelotina got the idea to kidnap Emp after her failed attempt to rescue Ocelotina from thugs in It's Like This. Ocelotina strips Emp nearly naked and climbs into the trunk of the getaway car with her, leaving her brother to drive. However, their escape is stopped by Sistah Spooky. Sistah Spooky is upset that they targeted Emp for kidnapping instead of her, thinking that it's because Emp is blonde. Ocelotina insists that it's because Emp has a reputation for helplessness while Sistah Spooky is incredibly powerful. Sistah Spooky flings Ocelotina and her brother into a tree.

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