That's What You'd Think
That's what you'd think
Volume 1 Story 3
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Under the Mask
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In trying to bluff her way out of a depowered situation, Emp instead just winds up feeling guilty.


Emp attempts to convince the reader that the meta-textual content isn't related to the actual comic.


Empowered is fired upon by a group of thugs with machine guns. Her suit protects her from the bullets, but is reduced to shreds in the process. One of the thugs comments that, since Emp gets her powers from the suit, she must now be powerless.

Bluffing, Emp boldly claims that the opposite is true; as the suit's surface area shrinks, its power becomes concentrated and increases in potency. She rounds out the claim by 'allowing' the men to leave.

The thugs don't fall for it, and accuse Emp of insulting their intelligence, saying that superheroes are elitist posthuman snobs who think that normal humans are total idiots. Emp is captured, bound, and gagged. Even worse, she manages to feel guilty for talking down to the people who are holding her hostage.





  • This is the first story where Empowered is shown to have a tolerance for bullets - or, in fact, any superpower besides bondage.


"Like Britney or Christina back in the day, my powers only increase as I get closer and closer to nakedness!"
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