A group of Superdead arrive at the Homeycrib.

The Superdead are the undead of superhumanity, still animated (and fully aware, barring brain damage) by the nature of their powers.

Some capes, known as "bargain babies", gain their superpowers through bargains with mysterious forces. In some cases, while their bodies remain mortal, their powers reanimate them after their death as zombies. It takes some time for them to regain control of their bodies; the first wave of Superdead ended up being buried semi-alive while still in "deathshock", which resulted in the destruction of Suprahuman Mausoleum #1 when Tommy Tokamak blasted his way out of his grave.

As it is believed that the public would find the Superdead highly disturbing, knowledge of their existence is kept highly secret. Issues related to the Superdead are handled by the Joint Superteam Commission on Superdead Issues. The Superhomeys representative on the commission is initially Phallik; after his death, the position is given to Empowered.


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