Stigmata Hari


Alias Stigmata Hari
Nicknames “Stig"
Gender Female
Status Deceased, Active
Affiliation Executive Council
First Appearance Not a Good Day to Be Empowered

Stigmata Hari is a superhero.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Stigmata Hari powers seems to involve wielding a "bloodweapon".


Stigmata Hari is mentioned in Bouncebackalicious. She participated in the humiliation of Fleshmaster at the Capeys by dumping her bloodweapon on him to recreate the prom scene from Carrie.

Stigmata Hari appears for the first time in Volume 9’s first chapter, Not a Good Day to Be Empowered. Her standing among the caped community appears to be very high, especially considering she’s deceased, as she is a member of the executive council investigating Empowered.

Her ‘costume’ seems to consist of blood dripping from her eyes down her face and body. Even her hair seems to be blood, as its style takes the form of a wild short bob; it is not plastered to her head as if she had been drenched in it. This prehensile blood may also double up as her weapon, in a similar style to the video game character Bayonetta, whose hair triples as her clothing and the physical embodiment of her summon spells.


  • Stigmata Hari's name is a pun on stigmata and the famous spy Mata Hari.
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