Smart Girl
Volume 2 Story 7
Preceded by
Wahh, Wahh, Wahh
Followed by
Dire Peril


The Superhomeys convince Empowered to disguise herself as a "sexy librarian" in order to serve as bait to draw out the supervillain Idea Man. Idea Man soon kidnaps her, planning to use her to activate a doomsday device he built using the brain of the presumed-dead supervillain Psychoblast, a powerful psionic with a librarian fetish. The Superhomeys arrive to defeat Idea Man and save Emp. Back at her apartment, she starts explaining the mission to Thugboy, but he's too distracted by her outfit to pay attention. Meanwhile, Major Havoc and Protean haven't turned off the audio feed from the bug in Emp's glasses, and voyeuristically listen in on her and Thugboy.

Featured CharactersEdit

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