Single Action


Alias Single Action
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Superhomeys
First Appearance "Do-Me"-Riffic!

Single Action is a member of the Superhomeys superhero group.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Single Action wields a pair of pistols. Despite being advanced plasma weapons, they are single-action and require the hammer to be manually cocked before each shot because Single Action "thought it was plumb cool -- anachronistic, but cool".


Single Action first appears in "Do-Me"-Riffic! when Empowered cites him as an example of a superhero who stares at her form-fitting hypermembrane.

In Proud and Delighted, Single Action is interviewed by Femifist about Emp's Capey nomination.

In Because This Is What I Am, Single Action is caught up in dWARf!'s attack on the Capeys. He is rendered unable to fight after being injured by a laser fired by an alien organ, and Thugboy takes up his guns.

In Denial at Flood Stage, Single Action is interviewed by HeroNET about the events at the Capeys. He reports Thugboy's heroics, but doesn't know what Emp was doing at the time.

In Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness, Single Action is among the heroes attending Mindfuck's funeral in Suprahuman Mausoleum #2.

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