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Volume 1 Story 10
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Sistah Spooky knocks Empowered's superhero name, while Protean has issues explaining his to a conquered villain.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Empowered has been captured by the supervillain Doomsloth when Protean and Sistah Spooky come to her rescue. After enchanting Doomsloth's thugs to beat themselves unconscious, Sistah Spooky takes the opportunity to denigrate Emp as the "weakest, saddest, and most tragically lame member of the team" and questions why she calls herself "Empowered" when being bound and gagged all the time is not very evocative of empowerment. Empowered has a flashback to when she first became an associate member of the Superhomeys and told Captain Rivet that she wanted to be called Empowered.

Meanwhile, Protean is looking forward to the credit he'll get for capturing Doomsloth, and is upset when Doomsloth mishears his name as "Protein". Sistah Spooky comments that Protean ought to go back to his old superhero name, "Glorpp". When Doomsloth asks if he can say Sistah Spooky was the one to defeat him, Protean demands to get full credit for his capture or else he'll say Empowered was the one to take him down.

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Protean's old name - "Glorpp" - is also his primary sound effect.

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