Alias Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital
First Appearance General Hospitality

This character has not received a name in canon. The name used here to refer to her is only a placeholder. If a name is provided for her in canon, all references to her should be updated with that information.

This character is an Ubernurse.


She first appears in General Hospitality alongside Juliett, asking for Empowered's assistance with an organ transplant in the Megascale O.R.

In The What-the-Fuckiest Five Minutes of My Career So Far, she, along with Juliett and Foxtrot, are examining Phallik's corpse when he revives as a Superdead.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Empowered figures out that she has been working for Deathmonger, informing him whenever a hero revives as a Superdead in exchange for a finder's fee. Emp forces her to send a false message to Deathmonger stating that Turbobrain has revived as a Superdead, luring him out of his lair so that she can rescue the Superdead imprisoned there.

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