Purple Paladin
Alias Purple Paladin
Gender Male
Status Dead
First Appearance None

Purple Paladin is a former superhero, now deceased, who is held in high regard.


The Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital, which first appears in General Hospitality, is named after Purple Paladin.

The priest who speaks at the funeral of the Superhomeys killed by Willy Pete in Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness quotes the Purple Paladin in his speech.

In I Never Looked in Your Eyes; I Never Heard Your Voice, Sistah Spooky reveals the details of Purple Paladin's death. While the official story is that he heroically sacrificed his life fighting the capeless uprising in San Antonio, the truth is that he was accidentally killed by friendly fire from the Vorpal Sword superweapon deployed by the high-ranking capes.

The Wench With a Million Sighs implies that Purple Paladin's remains are interred in Suprahuman Mausoleum #2.


"And so, my friends, let us take comfort in the words of a cape much wiser than I. As the late Purple Paladin once said: True heroes never truly die."
-- Ear Priest, Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness
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