Plutonium Blonde


Alias Plutonium Blonde
Gender Female
Status Undead
Affiliation Superdead, Superhomeys (now)
First Appearance Don't Let Them Bury Me; I'm Not (Quite) Dead

Plutonium Blonde is a former superhero and member of the Superdead.


Plutonium Blonde was born in 1988. She was a nuclear engineering undergrad, and made a power bargain with a plasma genie that popped out of a magnetic bottle in the lab where she worked. After dying sometime during 20XX (the first two digits are visible on her grave in Suprahuman Mausoleum #2), she revived as a Superdead.

Plutonium Blonde first appeared in Don't Let Them Bury Me; I'm Not (Quite) Dead when the Superdead come to Empowered for help due to Deathmonger capturing Phallik.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Empowered rescues Plutonium Blonde from Deathmonger's lair.

By Excessively Talkative, Emp and Plutonium Blonde have become friends, and they sing a song together at the Superhomeys' annual karaoke party.

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