Name Oyuki
Nicknames Fucking Oyuki-chan
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Kaburagi Clan
First Appearance Problems with the Equipment

Oyuki is a ninja footsoldier of the Kaburagi Clan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Oyuki is capable of using ninjutsu to disguise herself. She is also able to dual-wield language, utilising terms both of great deference and extreme profanity simultaneously - especially when directed towards Ninjette, her clan’s princess.


Oyuki first appears in Problems with the Equipment, meeting with Ninjette while disguised as Thugboy. The disguise was merely visual, however, as 'jette was able to deduce it wasn’t really Thugboy from his scent. Due to the extreme debt she owes Ninjette, Oyuki provides her with blades, gear, and information files.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Oyuki meets with Ninjette while disguised as Mindfuck in order to pass on the information that the entire Ayakami Clan is mobilizing to capture Ninjette.

In Whoopsies, when Ninjette is apparently captured by the Ayakami Clan, Oyuki is present in disguise as Kenji.

In Of Ninja Noobs, Jump-Scare Booty, and Unlocking Fuckable Characters, it is revealed how Ninjette and Oyuki worked together to ambush Kenji and Yukiko.

In Excessively Talkative, Oyuki assists Ninjette in killing the Ayakami Clan ninja.

In Of Blue Steel and Bad Ideas, Oyuki asks Ninjette why she wants her help rather than Empowered's. Ninjette explains that she knows cleaning up this mess will involve killing, and that Emp, as a good person, wouldn't be okay with that.

In Deflowered and Dispassionate, Oyuki states that she agreed to kill exactly three Ayakami Clan ninja; having done so, Ninjette is now on her own.

In You Will Address Me as "Hime-Sama", it is revealed that the reason Oyuki owes Ninjette a debt is because Ninjette used a secret jutsu to render Oyuki sterile, allowing her to serve as a warrior rather than a breeding sow. However, while Oyuki was grateful to Ninjette at the time, she now deeply resents her for it.

In Nine Beers with Ninjette, it is shown in flashback that Oyuki was the closest thing Ninjette had to a friend in the Kaburagi Clan. When Ninjette decided to run away, she offered to let Oyuki come with her, but Oyuki refused, calling Ninjette a "selfish, miserable little cunt" and "pathetic fucking drunk", and stating that she'd always despised Ninjette.

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