Alias Ocelotina
Gender Female
Status Alive
First Appearance It's Like This
Known Relatives Brother

Ocelotina is a woman inspired by Empowered to become a fake superheroine and make bondage videos for profit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ocelotina herself does not have any notable powers or abilities, though in her bondage videos she portrays a superhero with vaguely-defined cat-themed superpowers who is rendered helpless when her hands are tied behind her back with her tail.


Ocelotina first appears in It's Like This being held hostage by a group of thugs, including Thugboy. Empowered attempts to rescue her, but ends up getting captured herself.

In The Aryan Ideal of Shoulder Candy, Ocelotina and her brother set a trap for Emp, as Ocelotina figured from their previous meeting that she would be an easy target. She also demonstrates attraction towards Emp. However, their kidnapping is foiled by Sistah Spooky, who is angry that they viewed Emp as a more attractive target than her.

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