Alias Brainbow, Neurospear
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Glassbreak
First Appearance I Never Looked in Your Eyes; I Never Heard Your Voice
Known Relatives Mindfuck

Neurospear, formerly known as Brainbow, is a hero-turned-villain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Neurospear has powerful mental abilities. He can read thoughts and "puppet" people, controlling their bodies. He also has the ability to edit his own psyche, and through use of this ability transformed himself from his original shy personality into a sociopath incapable of feeling fear or doubt.


Neurospear was originally an anxious and sensitive child. When his mental powers first manifested, early in his childhood, he lived in constant fear due to the barrage of negative emotions he sensed from those around him. Upon discovering his ability to edit his own mind, he altered himself to be incapable of feeling fear, doubt, or uncertainty. These irreversible changes to his mind transformed him into an insane sociopath.


Neurospear was originally employed as a telepath at the Glassbreak facility, ensuring security by performing mental scans of job applicants. Upon discovering he had the ability to alter his own mind, he used his power to "improve" himself so he would no longer feel constant fear from being exposed to the thoughts of others. At this time, he changed his supranym from "Brainbow" to "Neurospear". However, it was only a week before the alterations to his mind drove him insane and caused him to go on a psychotic rampage. He used his powers to force his sister Mindfuck to cut out her tongue and gouge out her eyes so that she would develop her abilities further. Afterwards, he was captured and imprisoned in a cryo-chamber within Glassbreak.

In Listen to Me, Elissa, Empowered is told that Neurospear has escaped is coming to torture and destroy her.

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