Mother Tongue


Name Maria
Alias Mother Tongue
Gender Female
Status Undead
Affiliation Superdead
First Appearance Don't Let Them Bury Me; I'm Not (Quite) Dead

Mother Tongue is a former superhero and a member of the Superdead.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Mother Tongue has a massive, prehensile "pseudotongue".

Mother Tongue gained her abilities from a power bargain; upon her death, she resurrected as a Superdead. Though missing both arms and her entire body from the chest down, she is still able to move around by supporting herself with her pseudotongue.

Story[edit | edit source]

Mother Tongue first appears in Don't Let Them Bury Me; I'm Not (Quite) Dead as one of the Superdead who comes to the Homeycrib seeking protection from Deathmonger.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Deathmonger raids the Homeycrib. While he abducts most of the Superdead, he merely tears out Mother Tongue's pseudotongue and leaves her now-helpless body behind, like garbage. Empowered has Sistah Spooky use Mother Tongue as a focus for a divination spell to find her pseudotongue, thus locating Deathmonger's lair. In the ensuing battle, Deathmonger sets his lair to self-destruct and then attempts to teleport away, but Empowered lassos him with the amputated pseudotongue and leaves him trapped in the exploding lair while escaping with the remaining Superdead.

In Excessively Talkative, Mother Tongue's pseudotongue can be seen emerging from the Lotus Nodes along with the other Superdead, suggesting that she was able to have it reattached.

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