The Miss Emp Mecha is a "self-replicating combat mecha" designed by aspiring supervillain Manny.

In addition to being heavily armed and armored, the mechas contain mental emulations of Manny's personality. These emulations continue to run even after Alpha Manny's death.


The first Miss Emp Mecha appears in Of Wishes and Mayflies, when Manny calls Empowered to thank her for fulfilling his wish and giving him the courage to take Mayfly.

In Because This Is What I Am, Manny uses the Lotus Nodes network to send an army of Miss Emp Mechas to retrieve dWARf! after Emp defeats him.

In Distress and the Damsel, a Miss Emp Mecha saves Empowered from being taken to the prison Glassbreak by defeating the guards escorting her, Flamethrowa and Rokk Kandee. However, it is seriously damaged in the process, and subsequently destroyed by a missile attack from Hardpoint. When Empowered later arrives at Manny's lair and discovers that Alpha Manny has been transformed into a formless cancerous mass by dWARf!/Fleshmaster, she instructs another Miss Emp Mecha to open a Lotus Node that brings an alien war machine to the lair. Fleshmaster is killed and what remains of Alpha Manny is destroyed, but the Miss Emp Mecha takes Empowered to safety and assures her that the mental emulations running on the mechas can continue to function even though Alpha Manny is now dead.

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