Name Manny
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance Of Wishes and Mayflies

Manny is a young cancer patient and aspiring supervillain who is inspired by Empowered.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Manny's powers come from taking the alien drug Mayfly, which causes fatal tumors which grant enhanced intelligence.


Manny first appears in Of Wishes and Mayflies. Dying of cancer, Manny makes a request through the "Grant-a-Wish" foundation to tie up Empowered. Empowered grants his wish, which gives Manny the courage to break into the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital's pharmacy and take Mayfly. Using the enhanced intelligence granted by the drug, he builds the first Miss Emp Mecha and escapes from the hospital.

Manny appears again in Because This Is What I Am after Emp defeats dWARf!. Manny asks to borrow dWARf!, as his biopowers might hold the key to helping Manny survive his Mayfly-inflicted tumors. Emp agrees, though she asks Manny to promise he'll return dWARf! once he's finished.

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