Alias Maidman, Crowquet
Nicknames The Goddamn Maidman
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Felonifive (as Crowquet), Superhomeys
First Appearance Of Maids and Wet Blankets

Maidman is a maid-themed superhero.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maidman has no superhuman powers, but he is highly skilled in combat and wields a broom-like weapon with built-in gadgets.

Maidman's civilian identity is apparently an alternate personality that has no knowledge of his superhero activities.


Maidman first appears in Of Maids and Wet Blankets while undercover as the crow and croquet themed villain "Crowquet".


Weirdbeard: "It's the Goddamn Maidman!"
Maidman: "You're goddamn right."
-- Of Maids and Wet Blankets


  • Maidman's similar in several regards to D.C. Comics' Batman. His rough voice references Christian Bale's film portrayals of Batman, and characters referring to him as "the Goddamn Maidman" references a meme that arose from Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin.
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