Love Changes Everything
Volume 1 Story 28
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A Sistah's Story
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Too Much Information


Protean relates his backstory. He was an ordinary human until he met and slept with the alien princess Arkashia. He caught an STD from her which turned his body into its current blob-like form. Mechanismo then reveals that he got his superpowers from nanomachines that transformed his body after he slept with a gynoid, and the Tall-Headed Lady says that she also her powers from a sexually transmitted disease. Empowered says its an odd coincidence that all of them got their powers the same way, but Mechanismo says that the three of them met in a support group for posthuman STD sufferers. Protean then asks Emp if there are any sexual aspects to her powers. Emp says no, but later confesses to Ninjette that the suit has increased her libido and made it easier for her to have orgasms.

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