Lotus Nodes are an alien portal system licensed by the Superhomeys for transport.

The system includes a number of permanent portals, and can also create temporary portals at any location. The price charged for use of the portal network is based on the amount of mass transported and the distance that it is moved across.

The portal network is powered by a portal node anchored inside the sun. It has been suggested that if the alien owners of the system were every truly pissed off, they could open all of the permanent portals directly to the center of the sun and instantly incinerate everything around them.

Lotus Nodes is supposed to have safety features which cause a portal to close if the other side is exposed to dangerous conditions, as seen in A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity when a nuclear explosion occurs in Deathmonger's lair. However, the safety systems malfunction as a result of the network being repeatedly hacked in Because This Is What I Am (first by dWARf! and then by Manny). This allows Willy Pete to destroy Joint Superteam Space Station 3 in a manner similar to the "portal inside the sun" scenario in Say That I Deserve This.


  • The system's name is a pun on the software "Lotus Notes".
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