Lo, the Epilogue Arriveth
Volume 1 Story 36
Preceded by
Welcome to the Underjungle
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The Caged Demonwolf narrates the epilogue. Empowered and Thugboy renewed their relationship. Since she never showed up when the Superhomeys called for her in Welcome to the Underjungle, dWARf! and Major Havoc ended up being captured and tied up for a change. Sistah Spooky was upset to learn that Emp and Thugboy were getting along again; Captain Rivet was upset by malicious edits to his Wikipedia page. It is finally revealed that the Caged Demonwolf is directing his narration towards Emp's hypermembrane.

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  • The Caged Demonwolf's mention of "the oeuvre Tarantino" is a reference to the movie Pulp Fiction.
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