King Tyrant Lizard


Name Jerome
Alias King Tyrant Lizard
Nicknames KTL
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Apocalypse Clique
First Appearance Thuperlame

King Tyrant Lizard is a member of the Apocalypse Clique supervillain group.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

King Tyrant Lizard has immense strength and endurance.


Syndablokk, who went to the same high school as King Tyrant Lizard when they were both human, says that KTL has always been "a whiny little drama queen" who would "sulk on for weeks" whenever his work got a serious critique. Being transformed into a giant lizard monster only gave him more of an outlet for his "rageboy posturing".


In Training Day, an action figure of King Tyrant Lizard is one of several used by Empowered as target practice.

King Tyrant Lizard himself appears in Thuperlame, battling Empowered and Syndablokk. KTL is beating down Syndablokk until Empowered distracts him by making fun of his lisp and destroying his little crown. When KTL focuses on Empowered, Syndablokk uses his power over masonry to animate the surrounding buildings and have them beat KTL down.


  • "King Tyrant Lizard" is the literal Latin meaning of Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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