King Size


Alias King Size
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation Superdead
First Appearance The What-the-Fuckiest Five Minutes of My Career So Far
Known Relatives Size Queen

King Size is a former superhero and member of the Superdead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

King Size is gigantic in size. His skeleton is functionally invulnerable, though his soft tissues are not. He gained his abilities from a power bargain, and resurrected as a Superdead after his death.

Deathmonger enslaved King Size and turned him into a giant undead battle suit by decapitating him and installing a mechanical cockpit in place of his head. Deathmonger then turned his skull into a club, which King Size swings on the end of a chain.


King Size first appears in The What-the-Fuckiest Five Minutes of My Career So Far when Deathmonger uses him to attack the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital and abduct Phallik, who had just resurrected as a Superdead.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Deathmonger takes King Size to capture what he believes to be a Superdead Turbobrain (actually Ninjette in disguise) while Empowered leads a team of superheroes to raid her lair. Deathmonger returns sooner than expected, and a battle ensues. Sistah Spooky, driven into a berserk rage by a communication from the Infernal Service Provider informing her than Mindfuck is in Hell, uses her magic to rip King Size to pieces. The remains were then presumably vaporized when Deathmonger self-destructed the lair by blowing up Tommy Tokamak's corpse.

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