Karaoke Rocket Sled and the Eye of the Tippling Tiger
Volume 3 Story 3
Preceded by
Heroine Hold 'Em
Followed by
A Day at the Dentist's


Empowered, Ninjette, and Thugboy are attending the Superhomeys' annual karaoke party. Ninjette demonstrates a ninjutsu skill that allows her to get a good buzz from only a few drinks. However, when Emp comments that Ninjette is a happy drunk, Ninjette angrily retorts that she's not a drunk. Emp comments that, desite turbocharging her drinks with ninja magic, Ninjette stills drinks a lot more than her; Ninjette says that Emp is just a lightweight. This leads to Emp challenging both Ninjette and Thugboy to a drinking contest. Naturally, as Thugboy outweighs Emp by about a hundred pounds, it ends with her drunk and throwing up. Back at the apartment, Emp says that despite not having superpowers, Ninjette is a far better superhero than her. Ninjette says that while she's good, she was never good enough for her ninja clan. The night ends with Thugboy cleaning vomit off of the Caged Demonwolf.

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  • The original sketches for the chapter had Emp and Ninjette singing "Girls and Boys" by Blur. The final version has them singing "You Got It" by New Kids on the Block. Captain Rivet sings "Baby I'm A Star" by Prince; Heavy Artillery sings "Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Olivia Newton John.
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