It's Like This
Volume 1 Story 12
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Empowered explains how her hypermembrane loses its powers when its damaged. She has been captured by thugs after attempting to jump through a skylight to rescue their hostage, Ocelotina. One of the thugs, Thugboy, compliments Empowered on her effort. When Major Havoc bursts through the wall, nearly causing Empowered and Ocelotina to be crushed by falling debris, Thugboy pulls them to safety. He then flees before he can be captured. Afterwards, Empowered and Thugboy continue to think about one another.

Featured CharactersEdit


  • Sistah Spooky appears to be in the grip of an Evangelion unit from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The silhouette holding her has a horn like Unit-01 and four eyes like Unit-02.
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