Alias Irresistimmovable
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance The Wench With a Million Sighs

Irresistimmovable is a supervillain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Irresistimmovable's powers come from a byzanium-powered forcefield generator that he rented from Teknofetish. The generator allows him to levitate and protects him with a nearly invulnerable forcefield. It has manipulator waldoes which can project the forcefield outwards as a weapon. The waldoes are triggered automatically by proximity sensors.


Irresistimmovable appears in The Wench With a Million Sighs. He attacks Suprahuman Mausoleum #2, intended to disinter the bodies of dead "geneticapes" such as Battlerina and Wolfhound Alpha and sell their DNA to supervillains on the biotech black market. However, Empowered defeats him by getting close, grabbing one of the manipulator waldoes, and waving her hand in front of it, activating the auto-trigger sensors and making him repeatedly blast himself.

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