Infernal Service Provider


Alias Infernal Service Provider
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation Hell
First Appearance A Sistah's Story

The Infernal Service Provider is a demon that makes hellpacts with people, granting them certain mystical powers in exchange for their souls.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Infernal Service Provider offers people hellpacts whereby they trade their souls for supernatural attractiveness; their demonically reshaped bodies are incapable of gaining weight, and in fact magically displace excess calories onto surrounding people. The demon is capable of granting much greater magical power, but is not authorized to do so by his infernal superiors.

The demon is also capable of speaking through the mouth of any Superdead.


The Infernal Service Provider first appears in a flashback to Sistah Spooky's origin in A Sistah's Story. Tired of being abused by her blonde peers, Theresa summoned the demon and tried to sell her soul for the power to curse her classmates. The demon refused because he was not authorized to provide that level of mystical power, and because all of Theresa's classmates had already sold their souls to it for their attractiveness. The demon offers Theresa the same deal, which she accepts. However, the demon makes a mistake when filling out the paperwork, and accidentally grants Theresa massive mystical powers. Though the demon tries to get Theresa to give them up so it won't get in trouble with its bosses, Theresa uses the power to become the superheroine Sistah Spooky.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, the demon speaks to Sistah Spooky through the mouth of Deathmonger. It tells her than her ex-girlfriend Mindfuck is burning in hell, describing her torment in highly specific and unpleasant detail, then suggests that it might be in Mindfuck's best interests for Sistah Spooky to give up her mystical powers.

In I Never Looked in Your Eyes; I Never Heard Your Voice, Sistah Spooky and Empowered use the Vorpal Sword to break into Hell in an attempt to rescue Mindfuck, only to find that it was a trap. The Infernal Service Provider reveals that he was once a mortal man, a telemarketer who hated his job, and was forced to continue telemarketing even in the afterlife. He intentionally granted the people who made hellpacts with him superpowers in the hope that he could eventually manipulate one of them into freeing him. He tries to steal the Vorpal Sword and escape, but Sistah Spooky rips him to pieces.

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