Imperial Pimpotron Alpha


Name Imperial Pimpotron Alpha
Status Alive
Affiliation Cosmolactic Emperor
First Appearance Big Cosmic Pimpin'

Imperial Pimpotron Alpha is a robot which locates and abducts females for the Cosmolactic Emperor's harem.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Imperial Pimpotron Alpha is capable of flight using built-in thrusters. It also wields a variety of advanced alien devices, including Imperial Cosmichains and an Imperial Voluptuometer.

Pimpotron also has the ability to constantly merge English words in an amusing manner.


Big Cosmic Pimpin'Edit

Imperial Pimpotron Alpha binds Empowered in Imperial Cosmichains and informs her that she's been selected for abduction and induction into the Cosmolactic Emperor's harem. However, when it scans her with the Imperial Voluptuometer, the device finds that her butt is too large for the Emperor's taste. Imperial Pimpotron Alpha departs in a flying saucer, leaving the Imperial Cosmichains behind.


"Tremblejiggle as the legendary Imperial Cosmichains drain away all your superpoweritude, nubile femmeling!"

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