Holy Avenger


Alias Holy Avenger
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation San Antonio Capekillers
First Appearance A Long Line of Dead People

The Holy Avenger was the leader of a cell of capekillers during the San Antonio capeless uprising.


The Holy Avenger first appears in Thugboy's dream sequence in A Long Line of Dead People. He is holding Thugboy's 50 caliber sniper rifle, and the top of his head is missing.

In Bouncebackalicious, a flashback reveals that the Holy Avenger had his head vaporized by "Sayonara Hero" in San Antonio.


"Even gods can die, motherfucker."
-- Holy Avenger, Of Blue Steel and Bad Ideas


  • The Holy Avenger's name comes from the D&D item "Holy Avenger", a +5 holy cold iron longsword.
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