Alias Hardkore
Gender Male
Status Undead
Affiliation Superhomeys, Superdead
First Appearance Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness

Hardkore is a former superhero and a member of the Superdead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hardkore has a super-tough "hyperdermis", though it has a weak point in the form of a heart-shaped hole burned into his chest. This weakness was his cause of death, not part of his original power set.

Hardkore gained his powers through a bargain with an entity that appeared as a tattooed indie-chick and claimed to be the Greek goddess Athena. Upon his death, he resurrected as a Superdead.


Hardkore first appears in Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness, secretly attending the funeral of the superheroes who were killed by Willy Pete.

In Don't Let Them Bury Me; I'm Not (Quite) Dead, Hardkore and a group of other Superdead come to the Homeycrib seeking protection from Deathmonger. Deathmonger, who makes slaves of the Superdead, has learned their identities and secret hiding places from Phallik, who was the Superhomeys' representative on the Joint Superteam Commission on Superdead Issues before his death.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Deathmonger raids the Homeycrib and captures many of the Superdead, including Hardkore. However, a team of heroes lead by Empowered is able to defeat Deathmonger and rescue the Superdead.

In Whoopsies, Hardkore demands that Empowered be appointed as Phallik's replacement on the Joint Superteam Comission.

A vignette in Oh, Hell Yeah reveals that Hardkore was killed by Quark Queen - a supervillain who thought they were exclusive.


Ear Priest: "As the late Purple Paladin once said: True heroes never truly die."
Hardkore: "Yeah, he sure called that one right. Jackass."
-- Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness
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