Ghost Writer
Alias Ghost Writer
Mightier Pen
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Posse Pernicious
First Appearance Not a Good Day to Be Empowered

Ghost Writer, also known as Mightier Pen, is a writer, superhero, and supervillain.

In his primary identity, Ghost Writer, he is a superhero who works as a ghost writer for books other heroes. He wrote Captain Rivet's memoir, Major Havoc's autobiography, Protean's recipe collection, and Yummy Mummy's self-help book. Pictures on his wall suggest he has also written books for Country Strong, Gigajulie, and Jugganaut.

He also maintains a supervillain identity, Mightier Pen, under which name he is a member of the supervillain group Posse Pernicious.

Finally, he writes fanfiction of Empowered being spanked under the pseudonym Rosybottomfan13.


In Not a Good Day to Be Empowered, Ghost Writer is one of the people interviewed by HeroNET about Empowered. He claims that she has developed an attitude and is mouthy.

In Power Stripped, Captain Rivet recommends that Empowered get Ghost Writer to write her autobiography so she can make money off the royalties. However, Emp finds Ghost Writer's proposed book -- featuring pictures of her in bondage and focusing entirely on the occasions she was captured with no mention of her victories -- to be incredibly degrading. Based on his writing style, she also identifies him as the author of numerous fanfiction stories about her getting spanked. Emp angrily refuses the book deal.

In Distress and the Damsel, Ghost Writer accompanies the Posse Pernicious in his Mightier Pen persona as they teleport to Emp's location in an attempt to abduct her and gain access to the alien superweapons stored on Object 524. However, when they see that they have teleported into dWARf!/Fleshmaster's living cancer lair, the rest of the group immediately teleports back away, accidentally leaving Ghost Writer behind. Emp uses Lotus Nodes to bring an alien war machine into the lair, which kills Fleshmaster, and brings Ghost Writer with her when one of Manny's emulations running on a Miss Emp Mecha helps her escape.

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