General Hospitality
Volume 4 Story 2
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Who da Ubermensch?
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Elephants, Cups, and Canoes


Ninjette has a nightmare that she has been captured by her father. Empowered brought her to the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital's suprahuman treatment wing to receive care for the injuries she received from the Ayakami Clan ninja. Dr. Big McLarge Huge criticizes Emp for this, as Ninjette's wounds could have been treated in the conventional wing and beds are needed for suprahuman patients. Emp invites Ninjette to stay at her apartment until the ninja business blows over, as it's covered by a secret-identity security program. Some Ubernurses then ask for Emp's help in the megascale OR because she has super-strength. Emp helps transplant a liver into a giant alien patient. After arriving back at Emp's apartment, Emp helps Ninjette bathe, and they sleep in the same bed as Thugboy, which naturally gives the Caged Demonwolf salacious ideas.

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  • When Emp is imagining herself with wings, she pictures herself dressed like Etna from the Disgaea series of games.
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