Fruity Flakes
Volume 2 Story 14
Preceded by
A Long Line of Dead People
Followed by
Feel the Uberburn


Empowered is being held prisoner by a thug. Though her hypermembrane is torn to the point that most of its powers no longer function, it still provides her with a variety of vision filters, which Emp uses out of boredom to help the thug complete a crossword puzzle. However, her x-ray vision filter shows her a berry anyeurism in the thug's brain, and she convinces him to go to the hospital. At the hospital, she recounts to the thug's daughter how her own father died of brain anyeurism one morning while she was eating Fruity Flakes cereal, and how she wanted to become a superhero so that she'd never feel so weak and helpless again. The thug's life is saved by a successful operation, after which Emp is taken prisoner by some nurses who were running some kind of illegal operation and who believe Emp's concern for the thug was only a ruse. As she loses consciousness, Emp dreams of her father praising her for her good work.

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