Name Frank
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance Must Fight On

Frank is a thug and friend of Thugboy.


Frank is both a coworker and friend to Thugboy. At one point, in response to Thugboy's repeated betrayal of their employer, Frank attempts to kill him. However, once Thugboy retires from the business, they become friends again; Frank makes it clear that the murder attempt was "just business, nothing personal".


Frank first appears in Must Fight On as a thug working alongside Thugboy. Having captured Empowered, he informs Thugboy that their boss wants her eliminated and assigns him the task. However, being in love with her, Thugboy instead takes her back to his apartment for a romantic tryst.

In Blueberry Pancakes, Frank reveals that he knows about Thugboy's betraying their employer for Emp, and is prepared to kill him as an example to others. However, Emp breaks in and knocks Frank out with a vorp.

By the time of My Dinner with Frank, Thugboy has officially retired from the thug business, and he and Frank have reconciled.

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