Alias Fractaloctopus
Nicknames Frac
Gender Male
Affiliation HeroNET
First Appearance Denial at Flood Stage

Fractaloctopus is a sentient octopus who works as a correspondent for HeroNET.


In Denial at Flood Stage, one of Fractaloctopus's tentacles is holding the microphone during Maidman's interview regarding the events at the Capeys.

In The What-the-Fuckiest Five Minutes of My Career So Far, Fractaloctopus reports on the disastrous failed raid on Willy Pete.

In Oh, Hell Yeah, Fractaloctopus interviews Sistah Spooky and a Spike-Headed Hero about the continuing search for Willy Pete.


"Behind me, you can see the warehouse -- no, the charnel house, if you will -- no, the charnel warehouse, if you will -- where at least eight superheroes may have perished horrifically in a fiery and explosive catastrophe. Reportedly, both building debris and superhero body parts are scattered in a half-mile radius around this site."
-- Fractaloctopus, The What-the-Fuckiest Five Minutes of My Career So Far
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