Alias Flamethrowa
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Glassbreak
First Appearance Not a Good Day to Be Empowered

Flamethrowa is a superhero who works as a guard at Glassbreak.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flamethrowa has torch-like projections in place of hands or a head. Despite his lack of a head, he is still able to see, hear, and speak. His torch-like body parts can be used to fire jets of flame.


Flamethrowa first appears in Not a Good Day to Be Empowered when he and Rokk Kandee are ordered by the Executive Council to take Empowered to Glassbreak for incarceration. Rokk Kandee is worried that imprisoning a superhero at Glassbreak will set a dangerous precedent, but Flamethrowa tells her that thinking about such things is above their pay grade. The two take Emp through a Lotus Nodes portal, but then are reported missing.

In Distress and the Damsel, it is revealed that the Lotus Nodes portal was redirected by Manny, and the two guards are attacked by a Miss Emp Mecha. Flamethrowa is knocked unconscious in the ensuing fight, allowing Emp to escape.

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