Alias Femifist
Nicknames Femi
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation HeroNET
First Appearance Proud and Delighted

Femifist is a reporter for HeroNET.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Femifist claims to have otherwise unspecified "fisting powers".


Femifist is first mentioned in Way of the Ninjette, where the superhero gossip magazine Super People claims that she is cheating on Laserblast with Pink Elephant.

Femifist's first actual appearance in Proud and Delighted, where she interviews the Superhomeys and several other superheroes and supervillains about Empowered's nomination for a Capey.

Femifist attends the Capeys ceremony in Because This Is What I Am, continuing to provide live coverage throughout the attack despite being injured and losing a lot of blood. After the Lotus Nodes system is restored, she is wheeled through a Node on a gurney by Ubernurses.

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