Fantasy Flamingo


Alias Fantasy Flamingo
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness

Fantasy Flamingo is the host of the superhero fantasy league talk show "Think Pink" on the radio station AM 1250 "The Cape".


Fantasy Flamingo first appears in Of Fantasy Points and Aftermathiness, speaking with callers about the recent slaughter of eight superheroes by Willy Pete.

In A Very Long and Very Uncomfortable Eternity, Deathmonger is shown to be a fan of Fantasy Flamingo's show. He recalls an occasion when Fantasy Flamingo denied that Sistah Spooky's fantasy stats were inflated due to the politically correct media wanting a "superheroine of color" to do well.

In Not a Good Day to Be Empowered, Fantasy Flamingo notes that while Empowered's powerset is usually only ranked as B to B-, she has surprisingly solid stats -- except in leagues which deduct points for "times captured".

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