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Empowered gets a phone call informing her that there was a Superhomeys team meeting that day for essential members only, but that she can attend the one on Friday. Empowered angrily yells that she might have something essential to do on Friday and throws the phone away. Thugboy recommends that Emp go anyway, as she's learning things from the Superhomeys. Emp says that Thugboy doesn't have to pretend she isn't inept and pathetic, but Thugboy says he truly respects her. Given the fragility of her hypermembrane, she's working with the highest degree of difficulty of any superhero; he doesn't think Red Griffon would have such a heroic reputation if his armor were as fragile as tissue paper. The fact that Emp is constantly in danger, constantly scared and humiliated, yet continues regardless, makes her the bravest superhero in the business. Thugboy then tips her off about a supercrime that's about to go down, allowing Emp to inform the Superhomeys and get credit for foiling it.

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