E.M.P. and the Nukenin Princess
Volume 3 Story 12
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Who da Ubermensch?


Ninjette is in Dragoon Park speaking to Empowered on her cell phone. She notices that the other people in the park are Ayakami Clan ninja, and asks for help just before she's attacked. In flashback, Ninjette tells Thugboy that she's a Nukenin, a ninja who ran away from her clan. Another flashback has her telling the Caged Demonwolf that the Kaburagi Clan wanted to use her to pump out children. In the present, Ninjette kills some of the ninja and wounds the others, but is unable to put them down due to their clan's pain-suppressing ninjutsu. As they chain her up and prepare to amputate her arms, Empowered arrives. When the ninja attack Emp, her hypermembrane grows wings and releases a massive vorp that vaporizes the ninja. One survives, but is shot by Thugboy. Afterwards, Emp doesn't remember what she did. As she carries Ninjette away, it is revealed that Ninjette's real name is Kozue Kaburagi and Emp's real name is Elissa Megan Powers.

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