Name Courtney
Alias Vanity, Charity, Divangelic
Gender Female
Status Dead
Affiliation Superhomeys
First Appearance Because This Is What I Am

Divangelic are a pair of conjoined twins who are members of the Superhomeys superhero team.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Vanity, the twin on the right, is a devil and wields a whip. Charity, the twin on the left, is an angel and wields a mace.

Divangelic are capable of flight.

Story[edit | edit source]

Divangelic first appear in Because This Is What I Am as background characters in the crowd at the Capeys award ceremony.

Divangelic can be seen in Reducing the Uppity on Joint Superteam Space Station 3.

In Say That I Deserve This, Divangelic are members on the team sent to engage Willy Pete. They are both burned to death in the ensuing massacre.

In Oh, Hell Yeah, it is revealed that Divangelic were originally a girl named Courtney, who split into Vanity and Charity when she received her superpowers in the same art class incident as Syndablokk and King Tyrant Lizard.

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