Dire Peril
Volume 2 Story 8
Preceded by
Smart Girl
Followed by
Much Flaunted


Ninjette and Thugboy are playing video games when Empowered enters, crying. She was once again captured and tied up by the villains she tried to apprehend, and the Superhomeys laughed at her. Emp asks Thugboy and Ninjette if they would still respect her if she quit being a superhero. They say they would, but Ninjette also says she thought it was Emp's dream since childhood to become a superhero. Emp says that when she dreamed of being a superhero, she wasn't imagining having to go through so much misery, rejection, and degradation. The Caged Demonwolf then interrupts and reminds Emp that she was the one who defeated him after all of the other Superhomeys failed. Emp is somewhat cheered. After she goes to take a shower, Ninjette uses ninja magic to disguise herself as Empowered and dresses in the ripped hypermembrane. She locates a group of minions and beats them up with her ninja skills. Returning to the apartment, she explains to Thugboy that, since everyone knows the hypermembrane doesn't work when it's torn up, the minions will now think that Emp can fight well even without its powers and thus respect her. However, Thugboy tells her that she's put Emp in danger: if thugs think that she's dangerous even with her suit torn, they'll kill her instead of just tying her up. Ninjette breaks down in tears at the thought that she's screwed up and made things worse for Emp. Thugboy hurriedly reassures her that most minions wouldn't want to risk killing a superhero, lest they bring the vengeance of the entire rest of the caped community down on their heads. Ninjette heads back out and tries to explain to the minions that she was only impersonating Emp.

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  • The M. Night Shyamalan films referenced by the characters are The Village (Thugboy), Unbreakable (Ninjette), and Signs (Caged Demonwolf).
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