Denial at Flood Stage
Volume 5 Story 2
Preceded by
Reducing the Uppity
Followed by
When Titans Fornicate


Empowered delivers her account of the events at the Capeys to the Superhomeys, but Major Havoc refuses to believe that his friend dWARf! was actually Fleshmaster and the culprit behind the incident. Due to Manny having taken Fleshmaster away afterwards, Emp has no evidence to back up her story. Mindfuck reads Emp's mind and affirms that she's telling the truth, but Major Havoc is able to cite a number of incidents where Mindfuck's was deceived in spite of her powers. Major Havoc gets Emp put under a gag order, legally barring her from talking about anything that happened at the Capeys. Sistah Spooky spoke privately with Mindfuck, who confessed to telling Emp about their past romantic relationship; however, she reassured Sistah Spooky that Emp wasn't as bad a person as Sistah Spooky believed and could be counted on to keep it a secret. At Emp's apartment, she discovers that the Caged Demonwolf has been having phone conversations with her mother. Finally, it is revealed that the Caged Demonwolf's narration throughout the chapter has in fact been dialogue directed at the hypermembrane, which is able to function independently even when not being worn by Emp.

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