D is for Dissed
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Volume 1 Story 6
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Big Iron foils his own plot in a hissy fit when the Superhomeys only send Empowered to face him.

Preface[edit | edit source]

Emp explains why the next chapter breaks will be simple illustrations.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The supervillain Big Iron is preparing to vaporize the city with a bomb. When Empowered (and only Emp) shows up, Big Iron is upset that the Superhomeys don't consider him enough of a threat to send a "real" superhero. Empowered tries to explain that the other heroes are busy (though they are in fact only watching Captain Katana perform on Dancin' With The Superheroes). Big Iron, upset at being disrespected, leaves the bomb and flies away.

Emp brings the bomb back to the Homeycrib; no one notices, as Sistah Spooky's threat to move to Canada if Katana wins is considered the really interesting item of the moment.

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"Wow. I just defeated a bad guy using only my superhuman lameness."
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